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626 30th Street
San Francisco, California

415 535 9027

Lingerie Fine Made in France, available exclusively through home sales.  Ethical, beautiful bras and undies at prices 30 to 60 percent lower than in stores.


Lingerie Fine Française

Genuine French Lingerie Fine without Breaking the Bank

Bienvenue: a very warm welcome to Allande de San Francisco.  We sell high-quality, everyday lingerie fine created in the family-run ateliers of la Société Allande, one of the last companies still producing lingerie in France.  This gorgeous, comfortable, long-wearing lingerie is not available in stores, and is sold exclusively through home sales, a business model that allows you to enjoy genuine French, artisanal lingerie fine every day without breaking the bank.

      Fancy Allande de San Francisco Gift Cards now available

These pretty cards are the size of a credit card, come in a cute little envelope and are seamlessly linked to my Square payment system.  

All the lucky recipient has to do is to tap them like a credit card to pay. Very swish!   


Welcome, bienvenue.  You can enjoy viewing the Collection Hiver 2017-18 by clicking on the blue type below:

 Collection Hiver 2017-18 

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A word about pricing

The founding ethos of Allande was to make high-quality lingerie fine available to everyone at a reasonable price.  Hence the home-sales model to avoid the overhead of stores. Here in the Bay Area, I set my pricing at just around 10% above pricing in France. This represents exceptional value for quality and impeccable French styling.

   Ode à L'Amour    armatures and culotte.  Collection Hiver 2017-18                                                                                                                                                                        

Ode à L'Amour armatures and culotte.  Collection Hiver 2017-18                                                                                                                                                                       

Check out my new DD Un Grand Merci Program for hostesses.  See how you can expand your lovely lingerie collection from the comfort of your very own home.  Click the link above, or at the foot of the page.

Allande de San Francisco supports San Francisco's Blossom Foundation, which helps bring dignity to homeless women by providing free menstrual products. Sample lingerie stock that has not sold is donated to the Foundation. Homeless or needy women can choose pieces to help them feel more confident and feminine for job interviews or just daily life.