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626 30th Street
San Francisco, California

415 535 9027

Lingerie Fine Made in France, available exclusively through home sales.  Ethical, beautiful bras and undies at prices 30 to 60 percent lower than in stores.

Testimonials and Client Comments

I sincerely hope you will love your Allande lingerie fine.  I believe it to be the most beautiful, stylish and comfortable lingerie available for the price, hands down.  In addition, I strive to make the buying experience as enjoyable and pressure-free as possible.  But the proof is in the pudding.  Here's what others have to say.

Wearing my Allande lingerie is a daily delight.  I've been a customer for over eight years.  Elegant, unique, inspired design and flair, fits like a charm and wears like iron.

I like the sheer loveliness of the story behind Allande and the authenticity of the product.  The quality is so good and I really like that it is designed and made in France.  Bras are expensive, even in stores, and Allande lingerie is a little treat in my life.

Catherine S., Palo Alto

The experience of shopping with Maggie is as delightful as the collection is beautiful! 
Maggie's knowledge and experience combined with her gracious and lovely presence create a very enjoyable and worthwhile shopping experience.  And the Allande lingerie is exquisite!  

-- a happy client in Marin County



"I am sending this to let you know about a terrific experience I just had with an Englishwoman who is a US rep for a French lingerie line.

"You go to her house and she has bras and panties of the most amazing cut and fabric.  They are out on display and she helps you find the 'proper' fit. Maggie explains and educates and seems totally comfortable with you trying on a zillion different bras until you are comfortable. Private space to try on bras, by the way. She listens and does not push product!

"By the way, I bought two. Mine were on sale as they were last season, and they are beyond lovely.  If you see me walking down the street w/o a top on, it's only because I think the whole world should see the bra."

Email to friends from  Sharon M, San Francisco

Lingerie is part of the French tradition.  It's very French to put money into good shoes and good lingerie.  It's a way to keep connection with our femininity. I can wear a plain T-shirt and only I know that underneath I am wearing exquisite lingerie.  It makes me very happy.  It's my own gift to myself. 

I like Maggie's expertise.  She lets me take my time and personalizes the experience.  I don't feel the pressure I get in the store.

Loyal Client, San Francisco

Allande lingerie is so wonderful.  I hadn't ever had a lace bra before, and now I love them.  The creations are inspired, absolutely beautiful, and well-constructed.  They are build for support and comfort.  One subtle bonus is that they can re-shape your figure to your advantage.

I used to think bras had to be bland and flat, not call attention to themselves.  If a bra had lace, for me, it would be scratchy and would fit poorly.  Not so with Allande!  The Allande lingerie makes you feel so special underneath your clothes.

Maggie is exceptional at making sure the fit is correct.  You (or she) may like a particular style, but once you've tried it on, sometimes Maggie sweetly suggests, "We can do better."  And she's always right.

There's a variety of colors and styles to inspire everyone.  The collections are quite extensive.  I often find myself drawn to a particular fabric, and then let Maggie guide me to the type of lingerie that will work best for me.

I can't wait to introduce Allande to my friends.  Everyone I bring to Maggie's is always pleasantly surprised.

Karen M., Los Altos

Even though I don't normally go for fancy lingerie, I cannot help but being impressed by Maggie's taste and the beauty of all the pieces she presents

Liên  N., Palo Alto


I love Maggie!

She is professional, patient and gracious and thoroughly knows her product, the best French lingere in the World!!!


Leslie - an extremely satisfied customer

I was never particularly comfortable with even the idea of “lingerie” but Maggie makes you feel beautiful and confident in her fabulous collection.   Her personal touch and incredible expertise in fitting her items means that you will come away a happy customer…don’t forget to view her tops and pant selections too!

Courtney R., San Francisco

Gorgeous fabrics, impeccable workmanship, experienced and thoughtful guidance for flattering fit. What is not to love about Maggie's Allande de San Francisco!  Loving my first purchases and looking forward to being a long-time customer. 

Kathy P.,  San Francisco.

The designs from Allande continue to impress, season after season. They use only the highest quality fabrics, the colors are gorgeous, and the workmanship exquisite. I am very hard to fit and Maggie lavishes you with attention to get the best fit, with great attention to detail--not to mention a great deal of humor.

Meryl K., San Francisco

When you go to Maggie it is the quality of care and attention in a very relaxing and welcoming environment that attracts and it's genuine and honest . You can see how she wants to make sure everything works well for you to perfection. It's very pleasant and 'formidable' . The products are top of the line and very good quality as well. I recommend a try to everyone .      Fifi W., Palo Alto
Maggie Parkinson is a gem to work with and makes it fun to select beautiful French, embroidered, feel-good lingerie.     I also enjoy the lovely outfits from Allande's sister company, Tanaïs.                                                                                                             Marsha C., San Francisco