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Lingerie Fine Made in France, available exclusively through home sales.  Ethical, beautiful bras and undies at prices 30 to 60 percent lower than in stores.

Thèmes Tendre Passion and Perles de Lune

Collection Automne-Hiver 2016-2017

The yin yang, feminine-masculine theme of the Collection is personified in Tendre Passion.  Crafted from a gorgeous, softly shining, leaf-patterned Leveaux broderie (baring a suspicious resemblance to a cannabis plant.  Not that I would know), paired with a super-soft, off white, striped fabric.

Gentle Perles de Lune unites two matching Leveaux broderies in a sophisticated, subtle color called Violine (less pink than the pictures show).  Softly glowing flower petals woven into the broderie form a delicate border along the décolleté.

Responding to customer requests, there are two balconnet styles - one regular b and c cups, and a greater support c, d, e and f style.


Tendre Passion 'push-up' amplimousse with removable coussinets, sizes 85 to 90a; 85 to 95b, c: $93.   String, sizes 36 to 46: $54

Tendre Passion full coverage, high support armatures, sizes 90 to 110 b; 90 to 115 c; 85 to 115 d, e; 85 to 105 f: $105.  Culotte gainante, sizes 40 to 54: $60

Perles de Lune amplimousse (diagonal cut), sizes 85 and 90a; 85 to 100b, c, d: $96.  String fantaisie, sizes 38 to 46: $60

Perles de Lune regular balconnet, sizes 85 to 95b,c: $76.  Slip, sizes 38 to 48: $44

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Tendre Passion balconnet, sizes 85 to 95 b, c, d: $91; Slip, sizes 38 to 46: $63

Perles de Lune full coverage, high support armatures, sizes 90 to 110b, 90 to 115c, d, e: $93.  Culotte Gainante, sizes 40 to 54: $63

Perles de Lune fuller cup balconnet, sizes 100c, 85 to 100d, e, f: $102.  String, sizes 36 to 46: $44