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Lingerie Fine Made in France, available exclusively through home sales.  Ethical, beautiful bras and undies at prices 30 to 60 percent lower than in stores.

Caring for your lingerie fine

Allande lingerie is longlasting and easy to care for if you follow a few simple rules.

First, invest in some laundry net bags. These will help keep the bra fasteners from snagging on the machine drum or other items of lingerie, and will also limit wear on the elegant fabrics.

Wash darks and lights separately.  Always wash white lingerie on its own, and not mixed with other colors.  And resist the urge to throw heavier clothing, which could damage the lingerie, in with the wash.

All Allande pieces have been wash-tested to ensure the colors in the fabrics of each thème will not compromise each other.  However, as it is possible that color could seep from a different manufacturer's lingerie, or theoretically from a different Allande thème, take care when deciding which items to wash together.

(This said, my sister has been merrily throwing her Allande lingerie fine in with the family wash - three boys and one girl - for years to no discernible disadvantage that anyone can see.  I can't, however, recommend this rather cavalier approach.)

Machine Washing

Fasten the bra hooks, place each bra in a separate net bag.  Undies can be placed straight in the machine.  I turn mine inside out to avoid undue wear on the fabric.

Use a very small amount of fabric wash formulated for fine fabrics, such as LeBlanc or Forever New.  The idea is to not leave any residual detergent in the fabric, as this damages the fibers over time.

Select a delicate program (low spin) at 30 degrees centigrade.  If your garments are especially soiled, rub some Savon de Marseille (this can be bought in a pump format) into the stain and wash the garments at 40 degrees.  Organic stains, such as blood, should be washed first on cold to avoid setting the stain. 

Hang both bras and undies to dry. Using a tumble dryer will damage the delicate fabrics.  Allande lingerie dries quickly, usually overnight.


Many ladies prefer to handwash their lingerie fine.  If you do too, just be sure to rinse the garments well in plenty of clean, cool water to avoid stressing the fabrics with residual detergent.  Many modern washing machines can do a better job at gentle rinsing than a human.

Whichever method you prefer, the golden rule is to use cool or warm water, never hot as this would burn the fabrics.

Always hang your precious pieces to dry, but not on a radiator or other direct heat source (again, this is likely to burn them).  And resist the urge to use a hairdryer!


After washing your lingerie, check your bra straps, and tighten them if necessary.  This can make big difference in fit and snugness.

You can store your collection flat or hanging from hooks: whatever works best for practicality and aesthetics: your collection will be a pleasure to admire even when you are not wearing it.

How often should I wash my lingerie fine?

Bras really don't need to be laundered that often, unless they get stained or sweaty, as constant washing will eventually stress and weaken the fabric.  Every two to four wears is a good rule of thumb.  Undies, of course, get washed every time. For this reason, some ladies buy two or three undies for each bra.

How long will my lingerie last?

All bras will stretch a little over time and become looser.  However, I am still wearing Allande pieces I bought more than seven years ago, although my older pieces are now my companions for hikes or working in the garden rather than for everyday wear. 

If you bra gets a little looser, adjust the back fasteners, if you can, for a tighter fit.  And don't forget to regularly tighten the straps: this can make a big difference.  

Try to not wear the same bra two days running (this becomes easier as you build up your collection), care for the pieces well by following the guidelines above, and your lovely Allande pieces will be enhancing and adorning you for years.

How often should I buy a new bra?

Give yourself the pleasure of buying at least two new bras, or more, a year.  The ability to rotate wear of your collection will increase the life of your lingerie, and the new pieces will freshen your collection, give you enjoyment, and put an extra spring in your step.

Some clients build up their collection slowly over time, while others invest in a range of four or five different sets two times a year.  Many ladies find that a favorite 'go to' bra or pair of undies from their collection emerges, and so return to buy one or more extra.  If this happens to you, just bear in mind that all Allande pieces are limited edition, so do get in contact with me quickly before your favorites go out of stock.  I have access to stock numbers in France online and can quickly ascertain if your special piece is still available.

As as service to my clients, I have Le Blanc fine fabric detergent available for purchase.  My markup on these items is the minimum possible, and I sell them at the lowest retail price allowed by the supplier.